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Calbuco Model Grill

Of smaller size than the Tronador model, Calbuco stands out for its versatility in small spaces. Ideal for more intimate groups, reduced, inviting to the proximity of the heat of the coals ideally arranged to roast meat on the grill or cook on the disc. Its dimensions allow its easy transfer to carry out activities wherever you go.

Total weight: 35 kg

Calbuco grill models


Calbuco Grill C1

  • Brazier
  • 1 Half-moon grill with height adjustment


246 USD

(254 USD)


Calbuco Grill C2

  • Brazier
  • 2 Half-moon grills with height adjustment


323 USD

(354 USD)


Calbuco C3 Grill

  • Brazier
  • 2 Half-moon grills with height adjustment
  • 1 Cook disc
  • Height adjustment


369 USD

(408 USD)


Parrilla Calbuco C Full

  • Brazier
  • 2 Half-moon grills with height adjustment
  • 1 Cook disc
  • 1 Manual Rotisserie


431 USD

(462 USD)

Characteristics of Calbuco grill

Calbuco Brazier

Steel 3mm thick 70cm diameter x 63cm high, grip system for accessory “Fork”

Medialuna Grill

Two stainless steel grills (round iron ¼), detachable and independent, each one with 68 cm of diameter and with regulation of height 70 cm minimum and 75 cm

Calbuco Enamelware Cook Disc

14 inch enamelware disc with 4 cm high flange.

Calbuco Manual Rotisserie

Fork of three teeth 100% stainless steel, brake system, maximum height 70 cm, long cooking area 50cm, load capacity up to 8 kg.